I saw a tweet a week before the Manchester Marathon asking if someone could try out some leggings for 26.2 miles so I thought why not, I’ll give this a go. So I arranged to meet a lovely lady called Debs from Zaazee in Piccadilly Gardens who handed me over a few pieces of kit and explained she wanted me to test out the leggings. They’d done 22 miles previously but hadn’t gone through a full marathon and she wanted to know how they would fare. They were a lovely bright fuchsia colour. Brilliant, as the brighter the better for me.

I tried them on before the big day to make sure they'd fit and they seemed like a great fit. They are a cropped legging with plenty of give in them, not like some of the lycra training leggings I own which I have to prize myself into. Although I did worry that I had pulled them on with such ease that they may fall down. The waistband did seem a little more elasticated than the trousers too. There is also a small zipped pocket at the back, it is tiny though and it wouldn't fit my phone inside. I am a size 6/8 and they were an XS. The top and crop top were also XS and I am a size 4/6 on top and these were a perfect fit too.

On the day of the race itself I put on my usual kit with the addition of the Zara leggings instead of my usual leggings/shorts (weather dependant here up in the grim North). To be honest I didn’t even notice them. There was no chaffing or rubbing and I needn't have worried, they didn’t fall down. They were very comfortable.

My only issue during running the Marathon for a whole 4 hours and 34 minutes was that I did get very hot. It was a cold and windy day and after a couple of hours I felt I could've benefited with wearing some shorts. I know these leggings are the thickest of the range so perhaps for winter training on colder days they would be perfect. I’d like to try the other leggings on other runs to have a comparison to make, but comfort wise 10/10. Personally I think they look great too.