I have always been a bit of a lazy runner. When I say lazy (scheduled to run 12 marathons this year) I mean I just run and I don’t do anything else. I don’t cross run, I don’t stretch, I don’t do anything else that I know I should do,  I just don’t seem to find the time. I barely manage to eat the right foods some days. I mean who I am kidding? The right foods don’t consist of pizza and cake I know. But I run and tell myself that makes eating them ok. Yeah yeah I know. I am never going to be an athlete and I am never going to have a six pack but I love food. I am not fast but I run 4 times a week and I run marathons which has also included 2 ultra’s this year. Still I know I am lazy because I know I could improve the condition of my muscles by doing much more.

I’ve had 2 foam rollers for a few years. I started off with a plain one with no nobbles.This was really hard to use and quite bulky so after asking Father Christmas nicely a couple of years ago I got a smaller bump variety. Now this one got in all the little grooves.

I used it religiously for about a week. Then the novelty quickly wore off. Lazy runneritis. If I was rich I am sure I would go out and get a sports massage but alas I am not. Although the last time I got a deep sports massage I had some sort of weird toxic reaction and was sick for a few days. 

When I bumped into Wellbrix this year at the Manchester Tri expo I was fascinated at their set up. The same idea as a foam roller but in little singular modules that you can use separately or together. I was genuinely excited to try them. I was wondering how long my excitement would be captivated for. They came with a really lovely little bag and seemed incredibly portable. I used them at home for the first time not long after they came. They felt like someone was poking their thumbs into your legs. Like you were getting a sports massage but you could obviously just direct the bumps of the modules to where you want them.

  DSC 2334    

As they are so portable I decided to take them with me to a couple of races coming up. Snickerthon marathon was a good couple of hours drive away and on the journey back up to Southport they were amazing. Instead of being still in the car I could massage my legs by sitting on the blocks or massage the tops of my quads. I was able to run a 10k the next day without a problem. I could take them to work and sit on my chair if I felt a bit knotted. You don't need to use them all, just one module where needed. Although they do fit together (they are magnetic). There are three different sizes of modules (thumb, knuckle and elbow size). There are also lots of guidance videos on you tube to guide you on how to use them but they are very straight forward. I just used them as I would self massage.

DSC 2390  

I am still really impressed with how easy they are to use and their portability. They are hung up at the bottom of my stairs ready to grab when I need them. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. www.wellbrix.com