Sub 60 mins 10k

My latest running challenge is to try and get myself running a 10k under one hour. I am using a runkeeper 16 week training app and I am up to 41 training sessions out of 61. I think this weeks mileage has me up to about 25 miles which is the most I have ever done. I am finding it quite tiring and finding it difficult to fit the training runs in. I have no idea how those who do marathons possibly find the time?!

Updated May 29th 2014: Well I must have managed to fit the right amount of training in as I managed two sub 60 minutes 10k’s in a week. Just goes to show that with the right mental attitude and putting in the time and effort you get what you want.

58:32 in BUPA Manchester 10k 2014 and 56:46 in BUPA London 10k 2014