Sports Bras

I’ve always been on the hunt for the perfect sports bra. That elusive fit. One that keeps that boobs from jiggling like a bowl of jelly but isn’t like a game of twister to put on and doesn’t chafe or leave marks that looks like your circulation might cut be off to your legs.


I’ve got quite a collection of different ones. I generally spend as much on a bra, if not more, than on a pair of running leggings. If it’s not quite right, that’s a huge amount of money to waste.

Despite knowing my general bra size it’s always a guessing game as to which size will fit best and I am not much of a store shopper. I received a bra a few weeks ago that I could’ve moved my entire family into. I am not well endowed so I don’t know how sizing can be so dramatically different but the only real way to try bra’s is to try them on. I was very happy to learn that Boobydoo has a free returns service so I can try them and return if they aren’t quite right.  

I decided to let you know what I think of the bra’s I own and I will be scoring them out of 10 (1 being not good and 10 being excellent) in terms of:

Fit -  How easy are they to put on, do they pinch too much fat?

Longevity – How long do they last, do they wash and wear well? I have had most bras for over a year. 

Runability – Do they keep everything from wobbling? How well does it support?

Cost – Are they cheap/expensive?

Overall score – This will be out of 40.


Zaazee Cross Back and Racer Back Sports Bras

I love my Cross back and Racer back sports bras by Zaazee. I did initially wear these for a lot of my runs. Although I now don’t use either for higher impact/longer runs as I don’t feel they offer quite enough support, I do use these for shorter runs and yoga type sessions. They are extremely comfy and very glamorous looking (they even make my small boobs look great).  £30-£32 I would love some matching knickers for these and I would buy them as a set as these are the comfiest sports bra's I have ever worn. I will quite often wear these for as my day underwear due to the comfort. 

                        IMAG0010        table bras zaz


Royce Sports Bra

The white Royce Sports bra from little women has lasted me quite some time, has washed really well and is really great for high impact runs. Easy to put on, over the head pull on and clasps at the back. Really comfy and with a bit of padding too. Very good value for money. £22

     table bras royce



I also have the Red Sportsjock bra but this came in a range of sizes and I got 32-36 (Medium) Unfortunately, this was too big to be supportive but is great worn as crop top over a bra. Maybe if I got a smaller size it would be more supportive? £28

     table bras sportsjock


Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Bra

My go home to bras are the shock absorber ultimate run bra. I currently own this bra in three colours. I would say it’s a little on the small side of fitting but I like this as I like to feel 'safe' in a bra. I do feel a bit like I have to be a ninja warrior to do the top back clasp up.  I find it holds me in perfectly and I never feel unsupported in this bra. The recent upgrade on colour choices are fantastic. Thanks to Boobydoo for the most recent addition of the bright pink to my collection. Now they just need matching knickers and I will be one happy bunny.  £43

                   table bras shock


Brooks Run Bra

I initially really liked the brooks bra. It is a great looking bra but within a few times of wearing it the clasps at the back had twisted, making it impossible to do up. The few runs that it lasted for it was very supportive. The straps were very easy to change as they are at the front of the bra but the velcro did chaff sometimes. Very disappointing that for the cost the quality was substandard. £40.


      table bras brooks


The surprise winner overall was the Royce Bra. I thought the Shock Absorber would win as it's one I buy again and again. The Royce I do love running in and is an absolute baragin price. I may need to invest in more of these bras! However I do feel most held in by the Shock Absorber. 


Both Little Women and Boobydoo offer fab customer service if you're after a new sports bra. 

Prices relevant as of August 2017