Speed Training

I did a session of so called speed training yesterday. Basically you do a warm up mile (ha ha there was a time not so long a go where I would've laughed my fat little socks off at a mile being a warm up) and then run hell for leather for half a mile, then slow for 3 minutes and then hell for leather for half a mile, etc etc until your legs feel like they are lead weights.

I left work in the pouring rain just before 5, really unmotivated, with no sports drink and having not eaten in 5 hours. My routes are unfortunately very very hilly so hills cannot be avoided and no matter how hard I try there is never a point where I am solely running down hills during the hell for leather super sprinty fast bit. So I, in my mind knowing this is already a 7+ mile run, am already preparing myself to fail.

So I turned the music on, switched up the leg power and just ran and hoped for the best. Ironically it was one of my quickest first 6 miles, in fact had I been completing a 10k yesterday I would have done it in 57:31 and that I would have been overjoyed at. It just goes to show that however crappy you are feeling, whatever the weather is like and whatever your training plan is throwing at you, challenge yourself to something. You could surprise yourself!