The second I put these on my feet I felt like I was walking on clouds. Oooooooof is that where they get their name from? Bliss.

If you haven’t heard of Oofos, they are built to reduce stress on your feet. They are shock absorbing and are recommended by podiatrists and physiotherapists. They offer great arch support too which is also great news for me as I’ve been told my arches often collapse.

I’ve had them for around 6 months now and initially I thought that I would only use them as my post run shoes but they are so comfortable to walk in that I took to wearing them around the house. Then I started wearing them whilst putting the bins out, walking the kids to school, walking to the coffee shop, well pretty much everywhere including nights out. They team very nicely with a party dress and as you see I even found they went nicely with a nice dress for the trip to the theatre. Although the relief of pulling off your trainers after a run and then putting on a comfy pair of Oofos is palpable. Sheer relief. 

I suffer with a permanent knee injury and find only shoes with good support help. In 2015 I ran the Manchester Marathon and immediatley afterwards I put on a pair of seagrass flat flip flops. My feet were in pieces from the race, covered in blisters. I decided to wear these flip flops for the next couple of days as my feet were so sore. They offered me no support and as a consquence my arches began to collapse. It took 2 months of pain and rehabilation before I was even walking properly again. Now I generally only wear trainers everywhere, even to work.  Oofos have been great and have opened up more possibilities to shoe wear that will support my feet. I wouldn’t hesitate getting another pair. I just wish they came in every colour to match my wardrobe.

My one recommendation would be to buy a true size to your feet. They are generous sizes. I am a 6/6.5 and got a 7 just to be sure they fitted but I think a 6 would have been adequate.

If you’d like more information about Oofos please go to their website www.Oofos.co.uk