Winter Run Manchester 2017


The Winter Run Manchester is run by Winterrun series by Human Race. I was looking forward to taking part in the Manchester 10k this year having taken part in many of their winter runs in the last couple of years. They have always been lots of fun, even if the price tag for a 10k a little steep (£35-45).

5 days before the race event I received an email from the CEO of Human Race notifying me that due to a supplier error they were unable to provide medals at the race but were able to provide t-shirts instead. I wasn’t happy at this. I don’t, as a rule run races without medals. I mean what am I paying my money for?! I want bling. I am not a collector of t-shirts as 99% of the time they don’t fit me. There was much bemoaning and complaining on social media, not just by me I may add. Hundreds and hundreds of unhappy racers took to Twitter and Facebook to let them know how unhappy they were at the lack of medals and on Friday an email was received. They said that a medal had been sourced but it would not be bespoke. At least some sort of memento to hang on a medal hanger!

Having done a marathon on Friday I wasn’t thinking my legs would be up to much on the Sunday. I certainly wasn’t going to be pulling any PB’s. My knee had been hurting since the run but I clambered in the car and we trundled off to the Etihad through the snow.

8.30am in the car park we were misdirected and had to veer off in different direction through the car park avoiding all sorts of obstacles and paid £5 for the privilege.

It was bitter and still sleeting. A quick trot to the toilets and retuning to the car for some warmth before the start. A quick dash to the start at 9.20am. The beauty of having a car park so close to the start. Thankfully the waves sent off bang on time and no waiting around. 9.30am off on the dot through the course.

There were plenty of volunteers dressed in polar bear, penguin outfits and even husky costumes on the course. Some wielding signs such as ‘Forrest Gump ran for 3 days! You got this!’ which make me chuckle. Lots of high fives to go around. A huge steel band in the middle near the stadium. Lots of shouts of encouragements and general friendliness could be found on the course.

The course itself differed from the one advertised and missed out a looped section in the first km. This meant that when crossing that finish line the Garmin clocked in at 5.94 miles. I had run the course last year and this loop must be what makes it up to the 6.2 as everyone has the same issue.  Very disappointing for those that have trained specifically for a 10k to know they have run short of their goal!

A Vita Coco at the finish, a replacement medal and a ‘free’ t-shirt. A very disappointing experience at the Etihad today. Very poor from the organisers.

A massive thank you to all those volunteers, marshals and supporters who made this race for me. You made me laugh and smile throughout those slightly short 6 miles. You are the true super stars who make running races pleasurable. Thank you. 

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