Liverpool Half Marathon

I won a competition entry for the Liverpool Half in a Fitness Rewards competition as I am a member of Vitality UK. It’s always special when you get a race for free.

Liverpool Half sent out regular emails letting you know about race times etc.

We parked close to the start in an underground car park, it was very easy to get to and easy to leave afterwards. There was plenty of parking nearby. I picked up my free Vitality t-shirt and did the obligatory loo stop. As there were several ukrunchat people running we decided to try and meet a few before the race.  I met up with a few ukrunchaters in the VIP tent leaving my things in there alongside the mayor of Liverpool. We joined the start line and I decided to sit with the 1:50 pacer (gulp). It’d been my aim for a while to try and get a 1:50 or sub 1:50 but I didn’t want to push it too much as I was training for the London marathon and didn’t want to risk injury.

It was a very fast start and already piles of people were flying past me. Not long after the start (around ½ mile) there’s a fairly steep hill and this really took the wind out of my sails. Aside from the hill, the terrain is fairly flat in Liverpool. The course runs right through Liverpool and through quite a few parks. I just tried to keep my momentum going. I wasn’t too focussed on how fast I was going to start with, I think all I really had in my head was 'just keep going'. The parks sections were twisty but nice and cool in the woods. The last section opens out on to the sea front but it just seems to go on forever. It was hot and airless. It wasn’t until around mile 11 along the sea front that it clicked that I might be able to make a good time. Then I knew I really had to keep pace and along that sea front it was really hard.

The views were stunning though, the parks and across the sea. I was surprised just how many people came out to support too.

I pushed really hard when I saw that finish line, I must’ve as I took some guys out who patted me on the back and said well-done afterwards. I had done it.

In 2016 photos were taken by SportCam and cost £28 to download all images.

There was a great goody bag provided and a T-shirt. Unfortunately, after one wash the logo washed out. After complaining they sent out another t-shirt which hasn’t been changed in any way so has the same defect?! They also sent a plain cotton t-shirt as an apology. But at least I have a nice medal keepsake.