I Run 4 Evan

Last year I noticed a tweet from another runner. She had been linked up to a child via a Facebook group and she was running for this child. This child had physical disabilities and couldn’t run himself and she was running on his behalf. I immediately loved the idea of this and wanted to find out some more information.

The group is called ‘I Run for Michael’ and they are closed group on Facebook. I requested to join this group and then filled in my details on the website http://www.whoirun4.com/match-me/ so they could match me with a suitable child. They said at the time that I may have to wait some time for a match. They weren’t wrong, it was probably around 6 months after that they found me a match, but what a match I got.

My little boy is called Evan. He’s gorgeous. I’ve never met him but I know he’s a delight because his mum Kerry posts me updates on Facebook and on the I Run for Michael group. You post your runs and photos to the group and you get to know each other a bit better. In essence you become pen pals/friends over Facebook and you dedicate your miles to someone who can’t run. Every mile I run is for Evan. He has Angelman Syndrome and also suffers from epilepsy. Angelman Syndrome is a neurological disorder that causes severe learning difficulties. He cannot run himself, although I know he’d love to.

I look forward to hearing from Evan and his mum, he makes me smile and fills my heart with joy. His family have brought me so much support to my running I couldn’t have asked for a better little running buddy when all I wanted to do was to dedicate my miles to someone else.

I look forward to the day that I can give Evan and his family big hugs in real life at the end of one of my races. I’d highly recommend anyone join ‘I Run for Michael’. You could bring such joy to someone’s life and they could bring some to yours.