Good Days and Bad Days


I completed the Manchester Marathon a couple of weeks ago on an injury, a little worse for wear, and suffered immediately with painful blisters on my toes. A few days later, following directly after DOMs, I developed hugely painful feet. The first doctor diagnosed Plantar Fasciitis and told me to rest and ice my feet over that weekend. I rested all weekend but by the Monday I was in agony and the GP suggested that I had stress fractures of both feet. A hospital x-ray could not confirm this but the doctor at the hospital said this was normal and the sweling was indicative of fractures and I would need a scan. Now almost a week on I am still very much in pain and hobbling around. Completely housebound and not able to stand for very long at all, I am wondering when I will be able to walk again let alone run again. I can remember my last injury made me so depressed that I am trying hard not to let this do the same. Wondering if you may ever run again is hard. 

So on another day when I'm struggling with even making it into the kitchen for a cup of tea I was grateful to receive a lovely message from a friend via facebook that went like this:

Right here's my update:


Tuesday: first run for about 5 years- I ran/jogged/walked/gasped for nearly 2 miles. It look me 25 minutes! I didn't enjoy it at all. It was hail stoning and I very nearly didn't bother going. But later on that morning I was very proud of myself. ..and really pleased you were proud of me too! That afternoon I started my period and I felt like shite. But was even more pleased that I had managed to run while I was due on because I'm normally sloth like!

Thursday: still on really heavy but was back on the canal by 6.30. This one seemed harder. It was raining and windy. I had to stop more often than I had on Tuesday. I went home feeling disappointed that it had taken me longer than the previous one. Later that morning I was pleased with myself again and thought "I'll give it another go on Saturday".

Friday: mid morning in work I thought "I miss the feeling of my legs being slightly tired after my run! " I can honestly say I have never felt like that about exercise before! I got home from work and had a bottle of prossecco in the fridge. .. I Would normally have drank it all on a Friday night but I didn't open it because I knew I wanted to go on a run today and if I'd have drank there's no way that would have happened. Then later you posted a link to your blog. You talked about running being much more difficult for lots of women on their period. That made me feel loads better about Thursday! You also gave loads of tips such as counting to 100 and that app. I read everything!


Saturday/today: went on a run at 8 this morning. I look horrific when I run and I like to go out when it's quiet so nobody sees me! I used the app and counted to 100. it was so much easier to keep motivated! I ran slightly further than I had earlier in the week, still only 2 miles but still! I only stopped 3 times which is loads better than I had on my other 2 runs! I also downloaded the app but forgot to start it until half way! I averaged 14.9 minute mile which is shit but I'm determined it will improve! Thank you so much for getting me moving and all your support xxx

It's all about perspective isn't it? I might be in pain and struggling to walk right now but I have inspired someone else to get running. The message left me feeling proud and gave me a huge smile. No matter what I am coping with I always have capacity to support others. The only reason I wanted to start this blog was to inspire others to run and make them believe that if this fat girl could start to run anyone can. Keep up the good work and keep the good news stories coming in. You make me proud.