Fleet 10k

April 9th 2017


A nice bright sunny day for a 10k. A bit of drive up to the coast of Fleetwood and taking a on the go breakfast of overnight oats with us. We travelled up at it was another pick up your number from Registration. So we ate in the car after we had collected our numbers.


There were plenty of portaloos and also public loos (although these were 20p each). There were some stalls selling kit also. But shortly before the race was due to start we headed out onto the seafront and lined up with everyone else. The race started a couple of minutes late due to the lead car not being ready? I was going to use this 10k as speed training session as I hadn’t done much speed work for a whole. So when he shouted Go we were off and I was off like a rocket. I couldn’t maintain my fast pace for too long and settled into 8 min miles.



It was a really hot day but also really misty. The race had promised views of Morecambe bay but we hadn’t even spotted Blackpool Tower coming in. So I focussed on just running hard . By mile two I could already feel I was tiring. The week before had seen me do a lot of very hilly miles in wales. I don’t think my legs are still fully recovered from Canalathon either. But I still pushed and squeezed what I could out of them. By the second mile I was running just short of 8 mins miles and I knew a PB was no where to be seen so I let up. I knew I didn’t have enough to keep that pace for another 4 miles so I dropped back to 8 and a half minute miles.


It was getting hotter. There wasn’t much to see as it was just running around houses here. I was so focussed on where I was going and the person in front of me.


I dug deep and kept ticking off the km’s. Maintaining my pace meant I overtook a couple of people that had passed me too. I managed to maintain it right to the end and I’m so pleased. I couldn’t even look at the photographer I was so focussed on a finish. Needless to say it was a great speed session but way too hot. I finished it 52:08 which is nowhere near a PB but pleased that I was the second lady in my age category. How awesome is that?


Really cheap race. Great medal. Flat course and your got a chocolate bar, water and banana afterwards. Perfect. Thanks Fylde Coast Runners. Maybe I will try again and hope that mist clears and we see the view next year.