Fitbit Flex

I’ve had my Fitbit Flex for several months now. I bought it as I wanted to keep a track of my steps indoors as well as tracking my runs (which I used my IPhone for).

It came with 2 straps, a large and a small and one connecting piece along with the Fitbit Flex. It also came with the charging lead.

It’s very simple to use and wear. It connects to the Fitbit app via android or IOS which is very user friendly. It feels incredibly comfortable and lightweight to wear.


The wrist band that the Flex comes with isn’t the easiest to take on and off. Although the wrist band itself is comfortable, it is the fastening that is quite difficult to clip together with one hand. I decided to get a different wrist band, not produced by Fitbit. I bought one from an Amazon seller. It is worn like a watch strap and very comfortable. There was one occasion when the Flex did fly out when it wasn’t on tight enough and I was taking some clothes off. The Flex is pretty small so finding it so was a game of hind and seek but eventually I did and have worn my Flex slightly tighter ever since and have had no more mishaps. 

Steps and Goals

When you reach 2000 steps, 1 light lights up solidly, 2 lights is equal to 4000 steps. When you reach 10,000 steps the Flex vibrates on your wrist. By tapping the Flex you can activate activity mode which means the Flex is monitoring your activity. You can track these activities through the Fitbit App. Although you can’t see the actual number of steps on the Flex as soon as you sync to the Fitbit app you can.

Keeping track of my steps has been fun and has been definitintely made me walk more to get a few more hundred steps in here and there. The awards you get for Step goals is a great motivational tool. You can add friends and do weekly and daily challenges and compete against them. The competitiev element has spurred me on to hit huge weekly step targets I didn't think possible. 


If worn overnight, it also tracks your sleep. I thought it may disturb my sleep being on my wrist but as it is light it never did. I have found that the sleep statistics are really helpful in pinpointing why you have had a bad nights sleep. You can also set an alarm to the Flex to wake you up.


If you’re looking for a simple step counter that incorporates a sleep monitor I’d highly recommend a Fitbit Flex. The app is so simple to use that you'll constantly be checking how many steps you've done against your friends. 

Just keep a look out for the other wristbands that are available.