Burnley 10k

I love Run for All events. Always well organised and emails are sent on a regular basis to ensure you know all about the race. Burnley 10k emails stated that you needed to collect your number the day before or on the day of the race. To save time on race day I decided to go and collect it on the day before. This meant having a look at where the start was too.

The start was in Towneley Park. It was picturesque but I was already dreading the number of hills in the surrounding areas. I picked up my number easily, there was only a short queue of people.

Sunday morning came around quickly and it was a very hot and a windy day even early in the morning. I opted for a sports bra and vest with the option to take the vest off should it get too warm. I knew a couple of people running so said a few hellos and made my way to the back of the pack near the 60-minute pacer. I had no intention of running a fast time, it was hilly!

The start was particularly difficult especially starting at the back as the paths through Towneley Park are very narrow. It is very hard to get past anyone. It weaves through the park before heading up hill through the woods. Then it takes a sharp downhill and into another green park like area. I managed to catch up to the 55-minute pacer. The heat and initial fast running soon began to take its toll as my legs slowed down again.

The uphill sections were tough. It wasn’t all road with gravel sections too. I was glad when I was aware I was headed downhill again and on my way back to the Park.

There were plenty of water stations dotted about on the course. However, on one occasion someone had given me water and thrown away the lid of the bottle. I had to decant the water from the bottle into my water whilst running as I like to carry it as I run. Not an easy task!!

The end section through the park seemed to go on forever and my legs were really heavy from the heat now. The finish line just never seemed to get any closer. I finally managed to dip in just under 55 minutes (54:55). The medal was up to its usual great standards and Run for All were offering a free engraving service. You didn’t have to wait long either. The goody bag had a mars bars which is always welcome after running. Great. Fab race once again from Run for All.