It’s hard not to feel extremely depressed when you get injured. It’s like having your favourite toy taken away from you and being told you cannot play with again until you’re better. Insert sad looking emoticon here.

During a hard training run 11 days ago I felt a slight niggle in back and after a couple of miles it got worse to the point I had to stop. I contemplated ringing up for a lift home but I stretched it out and decided to carry on with run with the thought that if it got worse that I would call for help. In the end I managed to complete a full 10 miles and I was very pleased. It wasn’t until much later in the afternoon that I released that I indeed done something pretty bad.

I started to walk as if I had soiled myself. I dosed myself with painkillers and alternated heat and cold compresses. I struggled through work but but the middle of the week had to consult a doctor as there was no way I was running anywhere. She diagnosed a trapped nerve/sciatica and prescribed painkillers and rest. She said that running may not have been the cause, in fact trapped nerve can be cause by any slight of movement and could have happened at any time.

Absolutely frantic by the weekend that I had only one week until my first 10k race I decided to ‘try out’ my back with a short run of 3 miles. It went ok, although the pain was  intense after a couple of miles. I decided to rest it for a few more days. Again I tried a few more miles on Tuesday, 3 more successful. No pain during running this time, just an uncomfortable feeling. The pain afterwards however, well ouch. I have completed another 4 miles today and really struggled. Although my back felt ‘ok’ I felt it a real effort. It’s strange that after training 4 times a week since November and up to 25 miles a week I am now finding running these much shorter distances a real strain after such a short break. It just goes to show how much injuries can effect your performance/fitness.

I am still going to attempt the Manchester 10k on Sunday and the London 10k the following Sunday so wish me luck! Eeeeeek.