I’d been struggling with headphones for a number of years, not just whilst walking and running but for general use. I don’t know what it is about the size of my ears but all earphones seems to hurt or fall out. I’ve tried every sort. The ones that sit in your ear, well I’ve bought every shape. From the small that get lost inside my ear drum. The medium that rub my ears until they bleed and then the large which just flop out at their will. The ones that loop around your ear, rub the back of my ears consistently. Needless to say I never had much luck with earphones and if I ever found a pair that were almost ok, I either lost them or they ended up in the washing machine.

Now after I took up running it soon became clear after several near misses from cars, cyclists and pedestrians that I may need to either give up running or music. I wasn’t happy at doing either and I’d heard lots of people on twitter chatting about AfterShokz. Off to google I went (other search engines are available) and I was impressed with what I saw. I chatted with a few fellow twits and got the low down. Then I read a few reviews before heading in for a purchase. The pair I bought were the Aftershokz Sportz 3 which I was more than happy with but you can also get the Bluetooth ones which are wireless.

          pic3      aftershokz sportz s3 na EV215750 9999 1     pic1

I wasn’t disappointed one bit. The reviews all rated it highly and I can see exactly why. They are a marvel of the modern age. They don’t sit in your ears. They loop around your ears (not rubbing one bit) and the speakers sit near your ear. Their bone conducting technology (their words not mine) mean you can hear the music without stuffing speakers in your ear drums. How clever is that? You can still hear everything around you, as long as you don’t turn your music up to Megadeth loud.

The sound quality is great, I’ve never had an issue even when the music is turned up really loud. The only problem you have is that other people can hear your music. But when you’re running past people it doesn’t really matter does it? My music isn’t on too loud usually anyway.

I used my headphones for training and races for a couple of years before upgrading to a pair of wireless Trekz Titanium (thanks Aftershokz).

       aftershokz trekz titanium pink open ear wireless headphones 6e0      DSC 2181        IMG 20170604 192616

The Trekz are completely free of wires. They wrap around your head (like the sportz) and sit around your ears but not in your ears. I have had them a couple of months and I love them. I have used them on lot's of races, including marathons. Their battery power is incredible. I have used them during an ultra, not charged them and still used them for running in the week. Although Aftershokz claim that one charge will get you  6 hours of continuous music plus calls on one single charge. I have found just listening to music gets you much more charge. 


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Answering a call with them on is really easy. Just one push of the button and you can you take a call whilst on the run. So much easier than fumbling for my phone. I have worn them in all kinds of weather from incredibly hot days to monsoon like down pours. They are very easy to use, with a volume button easily accesible. The only issue I have with the Trekz is they aren't quite as comfy around my ears as the Sportz are.

I recommend these headphones 100%. They are brilliant and so safe and comfortable to use. IMHO anyone thinking about getting them the only decision would be which sort to get. The Sportz for me are more comfortable but the Trekz much more practical. Products can be found here directly at Aftershokz.