Hello, my name is Helen and I started to run in November 2012 when I tipped the scaled at over 13 stone and a size 18. I couldn't tell you exactly what I weighed as I didn't take much note of my weight then, actually I would have done anything to avoid finding out. Before starting running I was a size 22 and have no idea of my weight. I used to hide behind food. If I was sad I ate, happy I ate, did something good, I rewarded myself with food.

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One day I just decided that I wanted to be able to run, as easy as that. Just to be able to run one mile non stop. So I did plenty of research on the internet and discovered a great little site which helped me no end. It gave me a walk run programme which told me to walk a bit and run a tiny bit. I followed it to the letter and couldn't believe my progress. Sure enough a hefty fat girl was running a whole 1 minute, then 5 minutes and then 10 minutes. That was a massive deal. Running a whole 10 minutes without looking like I was having some sort of seizure was huge. After 12 weeks I was covering 3 miles and I could run a full mile with a walk and then another mile and a walk. If you google walk run programme there are lots around and there are plenty of apps such as couch to 5k to help now.

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My running progressed from 5ks, to 10ks, to half marathons and my weight dropped. As I became fitter, I became healthier inside and out. My appetitie for bad foods diminished as I wanted to run longer runs and not have that takeaway or wine. I wanted to get up and run in the morning. I began to make healthier choices. 

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I’m some way down the line with my running and I am a much different girl from the one I used to be. I am now a size 6-8 and run marathons! Many of my friends are asking me how I started running and even complete strangers ask me, so I wanted to share in some way what I do. I want to say that I, the fat girl, just decided I wanted to be able to run one day. Not far or for long, just a little bit because it was free and I couldn't afford the gym and I wanted to be a bit fitter. I wasn't looking to getting skinny. I am so glad I started on my journey and I feel very passionate about running now. I feel that if I, the asthmatic fat girl could start and continue to you run and love it, what's stopping you from trying? You might love it too.